Tuesday, December 21, 2010

todayy my lucky dayy :)

heyy people sorry da lama tak update blogg buzyy la katakan ,haha :) hariniyy a lot things happen dhoo i fall in love at him and he fall in love with me <3 we both sama sama suka suka and kami dah  pun menjalinkan hubungan sebagai bestfriend ever after ,he's my bestie now and were like so crazyy ,suka ckp nonsense ,suka gila gila ,suka jerit and suka gadohhh ,haha that's uss = =' were like so in together and kitaorangg share prob same same :) kalu die gadohh ngn awek die die ckp kat i kalu i gadohh ngn aiman i cerita kat die ,so kitaorang okayy if ada org yg nk berkongsi :) were so luckyy and i so luckyy dapat bestfriend yg memahami and caring ,if aiman busyy i suka kacau die ,ilove youu friend and i need you until the end of time :) xoxo

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