Sunday, December 12, 2010

sayangg JOHAN :[

huh ,it's hard to accept this situation dear .i love youu and it's true but mybe ini bukan JODOH kita or whatever .you cakap you SAYANG i and really WANT me be with youu forever but i takk faham laa johan .ap yg i da bt katt u sayangg ?i don't HATE youu and NEVER will johan .but why this happen to me?why dhoee ?tak cukup ke ap yg i da bgy kat youu hah ?i'm not YOURS anymore right ?so we just better let it go and just go ! huh ,last ine thingg <ingatt ,saye ta penahh nak mainkan awakk johan it's true sumpahh>take care and may god bless youu .xoxo

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