Monday, December 13, 2010

i MISS balitt kuchingg :[

i miss them so much and mores dhoe = =' i miss the time i balit kuchingg sarwakk<3
i miss the time my sue take me to nenek' house and salam cium mereka di sana .i miss the laughingg of pomm dexess <3 she's so great person like to laughingg a lot and lott .she likes boys that diletakkan as hotstuff ppl .haha .she''s indeed a funny girl like to fooling aroundd .i miss youu pomm dex .i miss the smile of najaa jojght <3 she's also like to laugh and talk :DD she so great and so kachak bhaa ! haha means that she is beautiful person .neeny gai is my gracious ladyy .she's cantikk and cutee also and she like to dance like a fool .haha .she was in a relationship with mohd azhar deon and theyy were great together .i miss rani.tyraa,hakim.razi,najiy,noor,firdaus and sya .they are so the greatest cousin in the world .iloveu guyss a lot :] .then ,not forgotten i miss fifi supermen ! he's a good supermen of mine .he called me wonderwoman and i called him supermen :) i miss zulfaqar and imran giggle too ,they were extravanganza hebatt habiss ! theyy my hanging brothers :) and lastlyy dak ilyas and zaim theyy are my hanging brothers too .i justt love them so muchh .i'll come back soon cousins and friendss ! ilove youu guys and miss u gyss so muchh .xoxo

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