Wednesday, December 15, 2010


aiman :) semalm was a special dayy of ours sayangg <3 i love youu so muchh and mores .semalam 15.12.2010 on wednesdayy .i love ur smile i love your laughh i love your flirtingg i love your hair i love your stylee and i do love youu so much sayngg .adoii you just that one are veryy special to me paham ?youre handsome boyy and you are great person .you like to sayy ilove youu more than one's and just can't take your eyes of youu .acehh .haha but seriously i do love youu walaupunn i tak penahh repleyy you cakap ilove youu kat i semalam i just ckp so? haha funny ! but semalam mcm2 kami buat .we do a lot of fun things and veryy special things .he said i'm special and his says i'm his owns .hee yeahh babyy your mine always sayangg just you have to know b,jangan buat i kecewa and yess you baikk sangat and you tak macam ex i and yess you handsome :D just remember walaupun nnty i jaohh dgn youu i just akn ingatt you smpai bila bila tao <3 last words,ps: ilove youu more than wordss aiman evans freakk <3 :) xoxo

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