Monday, December 27, 2010

i love you MADDISON

once upon a time ,kakak saya ni ada cakap yang dia sayang saya mase time she came into my life :)that time i really love her until my last breath,i'll adopt her as my sister yang always bole share problems ,guy stuff and share everythingg ,haha sharing is caring caring is loving roght ?haha ,i do love her so much more than words .we share many things together ,we share laughter ,we share happiness ,we share sadness ,we share enjoyment and we share all of our secret things together :)

for your information kakak ,saya sayang awak sangat lah ikhlas sebab you are one of the IMPORTANT people in my life and that's you sis razanah syairah asmantor :) i miss you a lot kakak :') if can i need you always and share problems together sayanggg ,just onne thing ,kept things yang penahh saya bagi kat awak okayyy :') jangan letak merata rata kang hilangg :) and satu lagii i mintak you take care yourself kat luar sana tuhh okayy sayang ,believe in me and pray for my future :') last words ILOVEYOUU razanah syairah ,xoxo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

shasha ashaa :)

babe ,you are so sweet person you knoww that :) awak sweet ,awak baik ,awak comel and ofcourse youre a pretty girl sayang ,i suka tgk muka you doee you macam so niceee and so cuteee ! haha i like you and adored you doee ,senang cite you memang the real kawan yang baik and sometimes kelakar :) i hope we keep in touch okayy sayang ?haha take care hunn and i love youu babyy :) xoxo

Friday, December 24, 2010

apple freakk dawson :')

sayangg ,ilove youu but i can't have youu.maybe ini untukk kebaikan i tok tinggalkan you :"( i sayang you gilaa doee ,i kalu bole mmg taknak hilangg you langsong but i fikir pasal perempuan tu sayangg .i tahu die terkilan dengan you and dah ckp you bbh kankan ?huh .ntahh  laa i don't know nk ckp kt spe lagyy selain daripada youu bhiee :( u make me happy todayy and semalam tao ,time party last minutte tuu ,i am so happy coz dpt jumoa you and make youu happy and me happyy ,bhahaha i tetap akan sayangg you sampai bila bila ,you taoo aiman tak mcm ni doee ,die tak pandai layan i cm mane you layan i tao takk sayangg ?yg pentingg ilove youu APPLE FREAKK DAWSON :) xoxo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

todayy my lucky dayy :)

heyy people sorry da lama tak update blogg buzyy la katakan ,haha :) hariniyy a lot things happen dhoo i fall in love at him and he fall in love with me <3 we both sama sama suka suka and kami dah  pun menjalinkan hubungan sebagai bestfriend ever after ,he's my bestie now and were like so crazyy ,suka ckp nonsense ,suka gila gila ,suka jerit and suka gadohhh ,haha that's uss = =' were like so in together and kitaorangg share prob same same :) kalu die gadohh ngn awek die die ckp kat i kalu i gadohh ngn aiman i cerita kat die ,so kitaorang okayy if ada org yg nk berkongsi :) were so luckyy and i so luckyy dapat bestfriend yg memahami and caring ,if aiman busyy i suka kacau die ,ilove youu friend and i need you until the end of time :) xoxo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


aiman :) semalm was a special dayy of ours sayangg <3 i love youu so muchh and mores .semalam 15.12.2010 on wednesdayy .i love ur smile i love your laughh i love your flirtingg i love your hair i love your stylee and i do love youu so much sayngg .adoii you just that one are veryy special to me paham ?youre handsome boyy and you are great person .you like to sayy ilove youu more than one's and just can't take your eyes of youu .acehh .haha but seriously i do love youu walaupunn i tak penahh repleyy you cakap ilove youu kat i semalam i just ckp so? haha funny ! but semalam mcm2 kami buat .we do a lot of fun things and veryy special things .he said i'm special and his says i'm his owns .hee yeahh babyy your mine always sayangg just you have to know b,jangan buat i kecewa and yess you baikk sangat and you tak macam ex i and yess you handsome :D just remember walaupun nnty i jaohh dgn youu i just akn ingatt you smpai bila bila tao <3 last words,ps: ilove youu more than wordss aiman evans freakk <3 :) xoxo

Monday, December 13, 2010

todayy was a FAIRYTALE :)

today was a fairytale.haha maksudnye i'm in love with somebodyy :) he's totally like so handsome andd a great person for me X) die takk sombongg and friendly gilaa .awwww ,i want him dhoe nak sangat sangat .bole tak aiman evan's freakk ?haha i adore him i want him and ofcourse i need him .please please i'm bagging youu guys and god please give me that guyy please ?oh myy ,i want him so much and mores .bole tak you except i ?i want youu :( so sad kalu tak dapat diee kott .followers please help me to get him ? xoxo

i MISS balitt kuchingg :[

i miss them so much and mores dhoe = =' i miss the time i balit kuchingg sarwakk<3
i miss the time my sue take me to nenek' house and salam cium mereka di sana .i miss the laughingg of pomm dexess <3 she's so great person like to laughingg a lot and lott .she likes boys that diletakkan as hotstuff ppl .haha .she''s indeed a funny girl like to fooling aroundd .i miss youu pomm dex .i miss the smile of najaa jojght <3 she's also like to laugh and talk :DD she so great and so kachak bhaa ! haha means that she is beautiful person .neeny gai is my gracious ladyy .she's cantikk and cutee also and she like to dance like a fool .haha .she was in a relationship with mohd azhar deon and theyy were great together .i miss rani.tyraa,hakim.razi,najiy,noor,firdaus and sya .they are so the greatest cousin in the world .iloveu guyss a lot :] .then ,not forgotten i miss fifi supermen ! he's a good supermen of mine .he called me wonderwoman and i called him supermen :) i miss zulfaqar and imran giggle too ,they were extravanganza hebatt habiss ! theyy my hanging brothers :) and lastlyy dak ilyas and zaim theyy are my hanging brothers too .i justt love them so muchh .i'll come back soon cousins and friendss ! ilove youu guys and miss u gyss so muchh .xoxo